Introducing the Snappy Stringer® - The Easy, Pain-Free Alternative

There are many fish stringers on the market—most of which are the traditional nylon variety. As a fisherman, you probably are already aware of how difficult these stringers can be to work with—and sadly, how often they bunch up in the water, killing your prize catch. Snappy Stringer® is made of durable and flexible polyurethane which fans out in the water, keeping your fish alive until you’re ready to go. And its strong-as-steel construction ensures that the stringer won’t snap under duress like many inferior fishing stringers.

Snappy Stringer’s® easy-release clip system enables you to quickly string your fish and snap the fish stringer back in place, keeping your hands free longer in case that prize fish comes calling. Just press the easy-release button, insert the plastic fish clip through the fish’s mouth, and snap back into place—it’s that simple!

While many nylon fish stringers catch on the clips and require you to manually move the fish down the line, Snappy Stringer’s® glass-smooth surface enables the fish to slide easily on their own, saving you the time and hassle. One clip insertion and you’re done—Snappy Stringer® takes care of the rest.

Snappy Stringer® can be conveniently attached to a tree or post by inserting a rope through the clip’s opening, or even to your fishing vest with a karabiner clip. As the fish stringer can solidly be set in place, this helps save the wear and tear on your hands that comes from picking up your fishing stringer throughout the day—and it saves frustration, too.

The Snappy Stringer® has unique advantages to both fly fishermen and noodlers. Using the quick-release button, you can string your fish with one hand while never setting down your fly fishing pole. Or, if you are a noodler, you may be holding onto a big fish you just caught and have nowhere to set it down. With Snappy Stringer®, all it takes is just one press of a button—and you can have your fish strung in no time.

After a long day of fishing, nothing is more daunting to a fisherman than a long hike back his or her vehicle, complete with the blistered and bruised hands arise from carrying a heavy haul. Unlike traditional nylon fish stringers which chafe and hurt your hands as you haul your catch for the day, Snappy Stringer’s® comfortable construction keeps your hands pain-free, enabling you to enjoy even more fishing days.

Stop struggling with old-fashioned nylon fishing stringers that put a cramp in your day. Snap up a Snappy Stringer—and step up your game!

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