Product Durability

When you're hauling in a big catch, the last thing you want to worry about is your fish stringer giving out. The Snappy Stringer® is designed to support the full spectrum of fishing hauls – from a bunch of large fish to dozens of small ones and everything in between. Its durable plastic and polyurethane coated cable will give you the confidence to keep casting your line 'til you've had your fill!

Polyurethane Coated Cable

The Snappy Stringer's® 10 ft long polyurethane coated cable lets your fish glide easily on and off the stringer. Bringing in a big haul has never been easier! The coated cable's smoothness also helps keep your fish alive longer. Unlike older nylon fishing stringers that often killed fish by bunching them together, the Snappy Stringer® lets fish separate on the line and spread out in the water.

Attaches Anywhere

When it comes to fishing stringers, portability is king. That's why the Snappy Stringer's® design includes a loop in the top housing. You can use that loop to attach this durable fish stringer to anything: a tree, the side of your boat, a float tube, your fishing jacket, etc. You can even run a karabiner through the loop and clip your Snappy Stringer® to your fly fishing vest. Now that's convenience!

Quick Release Mechanism

Wading in a river with your rod in one hand and your fishing net in the other is the ultimate freedom, but it requires a stringer you can open and close quickly and easily. The Snappy Stringer's® quick release mechanism makes stringing a breeze. You simply push the button in the middle of the top housing, pull down and the stringer snaps open. Fly fishing enthusiasts and noodlers alike can use the Snappy Stringer® to catch and string with ease!

Easy to Carry

Nylon fishing stringers seem like a good idea – that is, until you pull the line out of the water and start carrying it to your car. Next thing you know the weight of the fish on the nylon stringer is causing a burning sensation in your hand. The Snappy Stringer's® smooth polyurethane coated line takes the pain out of carrying the day's haul. Hold it by the line or by the top housing – either way you won't regret a thing!

Great for Fly Fishing

Whether forward, reach or spey casting, one thing all fly fishing enthusiasts have in common is the need for a portable fish stringer. That's one of the reasons the Snappy Stringer® is so popular with fly fishermen and women. It attaches easily to fly fishing vests and lets you effortlessly enjoy the freedom and spontaneity of your favorite sport!

Great for Hand Fishing

Noodling with your wading boots mid-stream and your hands down in the water may be one of the most freeing sports in existence. Now, couple that with having to plod back to shore every time you make a catch and you'll understand the very meaning of frustration. Well plod no longer, because the Snappy Stringer® can be attached directly to your belt loop, fishing vest or anything else you're wearing.