Fishing Is a Snap — with Snappy Stringer®

Whether you are an professional or amateur fisherman, you know that in order to have a successful day of fishing, you need to have friends you can rely on—durable equipment that will be there for you when you need it, with lasting durability and performance.

So when you finally hook that elusive prize fish you’ve been dreaming of, you’ll need a fish stringer that’s powerful enough to handle it. Snappy Stringer’s® durable plastic and polyurethane coated cable won’t let you down—even for the heaviest fish. Fish under duress struggle violently to free themselves, creating additional stress on your stringer. A lower quality fishing stringer can snap and free that prize fish you finally caught—and others, as well—a truly disappointing end to an exciting day of fishing.

Snappy Stringer® comes loaded with features that are crucial to any fisherman, including an easy-release button and the ability to attach it anywhere—your fishing jacket, boat, float tube, or even a karabiner to clip to your fly-fishing vest. Unlike typical nylon fish stringers that burn your hand when you are carrying a full load, Snappy Stringer® is easy to carry and pain-free.

Step your game up a notch—get Snappy Stringer® and see what a snap fly fishing can be!

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